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Event Recap

Dinosaur Park

This Jurassic jungle was packed full of breathtaking big builds! A 12-foot tall and 20-foot wide volcano built of organic garlands, complete with fiery lava and plumes of smoke, loomed over a variety of dino sculptures, each more amazing than the last!

The decision was made to use "powerful colours" for the dinosaurs to offset the amount of green and brown used in the volcano and foliage. The heads were made using distortion techniques to add character.

A Yellow and Rose, 22-foot long and 13-foot tall Brontosaurus

A Wild Berry and Rose Stegosaurus mother (the body alone was 10-foot long!) with baby Stegosaurus

A Goldenrod fan-back dinosaur with a fiery fan of red and orange

A huge nest, ringed with a 20-foot balloon garland, was filled with two adorable baby dinosaurs hatching from their 3-foot eggs!

Purple and blue dino parents hovered nearby

The balloon Dinosaur Park was modelled after Marc's Dino Putt at GKTWV.



The thing about these balloon builds is that you come away with incredible connections! You've worked hours and hours and days and days with them... you come away with really strong friendships. You find your people!

Liz Romani, Team Captain

Featured Technique

Another focal point was the Jurrassic-sized distorted flowers, using 3-foot latex for each petal! Many of the flowers sprinkled throughout the build were made with this technique for a simple distorted flower.  


Merci beaucoup de m'avoir permis de participer à cette construction incroyable!! Ce fut un plaisir et un honneur et je suis vraiment reconnaissante du fond de mon cœur. J'ai tellement appris et surtout gagné une incroyable famille d'amis de ballons.

Contessa Michel

The Dinosaur Park Team

*Captain | ** Team Leader 

Angie Arrigo, CBA
Joanne Camille, CBA
Stacie Chase
Jessica Dunnam
Allison Dunning, CBA
Brian Dunning
Sharleen Duval
Melanie Frenette, CBA
Silvia González, CBA
Patti Gutter
Janet Halliday, CBA
Sandy Hartzell, CBA
Sherry Hatcher, CBA
Sara Herbst
Jeannette Hernandez, CBA
Eden Herres
*Zach Kemph
Jessica Koroma
Kristy Eun Hee Lee, CBA

*Anthony Lena
Ximena Loaiza
Victor Lopez
Karla Malave
Yara Martinez
Connie Mason, CBA
Patricia Mathis
Marissa Matthews
Khadine McMillan, CBA
Mera Abby Messner
Contessa Michel
Katelyn Miller
Linda Miller
Cheroyl Mills, CBA
Temika Mitchell
Stacy Moore, CBA
Sofia Carolina Moreira
*Evan Nelson
Yanira Perez

**Jenny Porter, CBA
*Liz Romani
Lenor Ryan, CBA
Lisandra Mena Salazar, CBA
Lorena Salguero
Lyda Andrea Sanchez, CBA
**Dori Saypol, CBA
Dzigbodi Sewordor
Melissa Sherk, CBA
*Jill Shortreed, CBA
Briana Silvio
Sandra Solano
Leanette Tirado
Paulina Torreblanca
Ana Torres
Mauricio Vargas
Judy Volkman, CBA
Nichole Wade
*Peyton Westfall, CBA