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2023 Sustainability Update: A Partnership for Sustainability

As highlighted in many of our ongoing projects, we have partnered with Advanced Sustainable Polymers, founded by Robert Meyer. In addition to his work with ASP, Robert is a Founder and Director of Planet Net Zero, an organization committed to developing large-scale, impactful, and measurable solutions for the fight against climate change.

As a member of the newly-formed Pioneer Balloon board, Robert will provide valuable insight and expertise to help us achieve our sustainability goals and be on the leading edge of sustainability in the balloon and party sector.


Robert Meyer
Founder of Advanced Sustainable Polymers
Founder & Director of Planet Net Zero
Pioneer Board Member

"Pioneer is committed to creating moments of joy and happiness, in a sustainable and responsible way.

Our latex balloons are made from natural polymers, harvested from the Hevea rubber tree, and we are proactively engaged to minimize carbon emissions along our entire value chain."